RS232 Binary Format

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Binary Format Specification Fields

A format specification has the following form:


Each specification is associated to an output port that is created soon after the specification string is read and the block panel is closed.

Each specification is structured as follows:


n is the width of the relative port, i.e. the number of consecutive data to read from serial port
Type: is one of the following: d, i, u, b, where:
d: indicates a double
i: integer
u: unsigned
b: boolean
bytes: indicate the number of bytes that compose the incoming data


2i1,3u4,1d8 means: 3 ports, with respectively 2 signed bytes, 3 unsigned integers, 1 double
6i2,u2,d4,d8 means: 4 ports, with respectively 6 signed words, 1 single float, 1 double float

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