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Il movimento per i diritti del popolo palestinese e per la pace in terra di Israele

inviato il 14 Agosto 2001 al 
segretario generale dell'ONU, all'Unione europea e all'Ambasciata Usa in Israele
Lev Girberg, Yoav Peled, Amnon Raz Krakotzkin e altri  tra gli Israeliani, 
Salim Tamari, Reima Hammami, Gamil Hilal e altri tra i Palestinesi

(Versione Inglese)

Appeal for an international Protection force

We the undersigned, Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals and
activists, view with grave concern the unbearable and inhuman situation
imposed on the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza. Such a
situation has been brought about by the repression, blockades, and daily
humiliation exercised by the military occupation and by daily harassment of
hundreds of thousands of settlers. We cannot remain unmoved while the
suffering of Palestinians and the violation of their human and political
rights continues undeterred.
The recent seizure of Palestinian institutions (including Orient
House) in Jerusalem and environs can only exasperate the situation and lead
to more bloodshed and suffering of innocent people. We feel it is our duty
to support the call for the immediate provision of an international force
to protect the Palestinian people in its struggle for the exercise of its
right to self-determination and freedom, and to put an end to the military
occupation of its land.
We urge all those concerned, everywhere, to join us in voicing
their strong opposition to the continued occupation of the West Bank,
including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and to support our call for
the provision of effective international protection for Palestinians from
the aggression and repression of the Israeli occupation. Such an
international force, we believe, would greatly facilitate the resumption of
serious and meaningful negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli leaders
and the settlement of the conflict on the basis of relevant United Nations
resolutions and a two states solution.

Appello per una Forza di Protezione Internazionale

(traduzione di Fiamma Bianchi Bendinelli)


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